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Pubblicato il 23/Aug/2019 12:55 | Posted by David Forrest

Sea Salt Spray and Aluminium Heat Exchangers

There will only be one winner...

There are thousands of gen-sets and other items of equipment operating in environments where sea salt corrosion will cause rapid deterioraton of the aluminium cooling fins and tubes of the heat exchanger.

Particularly susceptible are the small Gen-Sets which can be found on docksides and boat decks around the world.

G&M Radiator can offer cores and radiators which are
manufactured using durable copper cooling fins coated in a
layer of solder.

This combined with the solder coated brass coolant tubes will ensure the unit will resist atack by salt spray and other corrosive air borne substances for much longer.

Aluminium heat exchangers are less forgiving of poorly maintained or incorrect coolant which can lead to the coolant passages becoming blocked. Solder coated brass coolant
tubes and radiator tube plates are far more stable and less likely to react.

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